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Classes Gaza Bowen has retired and is no longer teaching.

Details / Sandals

This five day class offers two unique opportunities: an in-depth study of decorative leather techniques and the construction of one pair of high heel sandals incorporating many of these techniques.

We will use colored kidskin to construct a 'sampler' of techniques, including plaiting, weaving, inlay, overlay, reed embossing, knot tying, edge finishing, piping construction, tooling, etc.

Prerequisite: RETROFEET/SANDALS; SHOEMAKING INTENSIVE; MAKING MULES or proven experience making shoes and working with leather.

Information covered includes:

  • measuring the foot
  • designing for proper fit strap construction;
  • use of buckles
  • making and attaching inner and outer soles
  • building a heel of the proper height and balance
  • use of hand and power tools
  • technique sampler
  • sources for all materials.

The class (limited to four students) is taught in Gaza's Santa Cruz studio about an hour and a half south of San Francisco.

The $950.00 tuition includes all materials required to construct the sampler and one pair of sandals; the use of hand tools and power equipment. Sources for tools, equipment, and materials will be given.

Once we agree upon a date for your class a non-refundable deposit of $600.00 will reserve your space. The balance is due at the first class meeting. Additional information, including a motel list, is available.

Gallery See student work in the gallery.



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